You Healthy and Happy, Dr. Ros Tips For Living an Inspired Life

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We are inspiration with an edge and here to enlighten and inspire you. Join us as your host and guide Jeanie Coomber interviews special guests who have made powerful impact on their careers and life. Are you a doer, risk-taker, or change agent wanting to leverage your 9 to 5 skills and marry your passion and career instead? STOKED Lifestyle is a media brand and podcast inspiring you to pursue your ideal life using the skills, relationships, and experiences developed daily while making an impact on the world.

Each episode they discuss the life of a survivor from healthy eating to exercise and their love of bacon and avocado. Building on the success of her instant No. Through intimate, thought-provoking conversations with friends and other individuals she respects and admires, Maria dives into issues like love, pain, forgiveness, gratitude, family, faith, connection, loneliness, the art of self-reinvention, and She is a parenting coach and self-confidence mentor for professional moms and has coached moms for years to build confidence, boost performance and increase happiness in their children.

This show is here to offer you strategies and tips for increasing confidence in your children and help them excel in We live in a world that is recreating itself one life and one digital connection at a time. On this landscape for which there are no maps, Seth Godin is a singular thought leader and innovator in what he describes as our post-industrial "connection economy. We are invited and stretched in whatever we do to be artists — to create in ways that matter to other people.

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On this podcast, I talk about everything from finding your purpose to finding love on the internet! From books that I loved and totally vouch for, to movies, plays, poetry, philosophy! Basically, anything under the sun! I also host a Youtube Channel with a variety of content! Bimonthly bookclub discussing how stories and characters help us to explore our own narratives.

Use your voice. Founded in , Riverhead Books is now well established as a publisher of bestselling literary fiction and quality nonfiction. Throughout its history, Riverhead has been dedicated to publishing extraordinary groundbreaking, unique writers. Broadcasting independently for over 14 years, the show is about how incredibly creative people design the arc of their lives.

How To Be More Happy, Healthy, Motivated, & Successful!

The Better Achiever Sessions brings stories and ideas on burnout prevention for overachievers and perfectionists. Brazilian living in the Netherlands, I am the founder of The Better Achiever, writer, two times burned out, and currently learning how to shift from doing more to doing better. In this show, I share some key learnings of my own process, and I talk to people from all parts of the world who have something You're walking down the street with a screaming toddler, barf all over your shirt, carrying a the bike they refuse to ride while pushing a stoller and a stranger stops you to give you some long-winded, well-intentioned advice.

Sound familiar? This podcast isn't that. Listen to real life experiences on a variety of topics from parents who have been there and done that. Topics range from the realities of sleep deprivation, being barfed on, mental illness to the day-to-day monotanies of raising Kelly Jones are going to read and discuss three books that will get you up off the ground after a fall Dr.

In the process, they both hope to change their own lives as well, and they welcome you to join in the process. Play later. Each day we face a barrage of images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be. We are led to believe that if we could only look perfect and lead perfect lives, we'd no longer feel inadequate.

We thought it was time we looked at Brene's Human Design to see what makes her the incredible Human Being that she is. We talk about her Human Design type - she's a Manifesting Generator. We discuss the channels that bring definition to her chart as well as several of her defined gates. We talk about how she lives the high expression of her Hum Brene Brown is here for your Throwback Thursday episode to talk about why just showing up, being who you are and doing what you really want will always be the most important thing, regardless of what other people are doing or saying about you.

Brene Brown, one of the most important Psychological researchers alive today has completed some powerful and fascinating research into the area of Vulnerability. In this rerun of one of the most popular episodes in the work of series, I explore her books and work. By Owen Fitzpatrick. This episode contains some uncensored curse words. A baby picked up by the police, the joy and terror of kale, and talking birth control in front of your dad. To join the conversation, go to longestshortesttime.

Sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Instagram. This episode i In the s, Lester Gaba was designing department store windows and found the old wax mannequins uninspiring. So he designed a new kind of mannequin that was sleek, simple, but conveyed style and personality. As a marketing stunt, he took one of these mannequins everywhere with him and she became a national obsession.

The job market is strong, holiday spending expectations are up, so why is consumer confidence down for the fourth straight month?

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Today, we unpack it all. Plus: Why eBay is selling StubHub, why young women bear the brunt of unpaid household labor, and why Mexican Two years after the murder of the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, a volley of resignations has rocked Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's government. Three of Malta's senior government officials have resigned amid an investigation into the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia following the arrest of a suspected middleman. For almost three decades, Jared Taylor has been publishing his ideas about race at the American Renaissance magazine and now at a website called AmRen, which is considered a mouthpiece for white supremacist ideology.

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Business owners, executives, and managers are simply ready to stop working harder with no payoff. Allison is the owner of Coppia Advisory, a successful executive coaching and Pete brings up a new idea of nudging something forward, and he and Jen discuss the important effects of taking small steps towards a goal. How can we use the idea of compound interest to improve our life over time? Does c Teaching self-defense to young women in her late twenties, Rosalind Wiseman saw a world she never expected; one where girls and young women would destroy each other.

Not physically, but emotionally and socially. And, it wasn't okay with her.

Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues

So, she stepped in, started to listen - really listen - not to adults, but to the young women, then all On this episode, a conversation with artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon about getting started creatively. By Debbie Millman.

Hey Gang! Sorry for the delay, after a family emergency we are back to the business of making sure your streaming cue or is it que? Two we have two incredible show recommendations!! Bishop T. Jakes is here to deliver your Monday Motivation. Today, he is asking you a very important question about courage and reminds us all that it takes courage to be great, to be different, and to be successful.

Worry and rumination are forms of persistent negative thinking. They involve a predominance of verbal thoughts and can be likened to a negative inner-speech. Worry is concerned with the possibility of threats in the future and ways to effectively avoid or deal with them while rumination is concerned more with things that happened in the past. The reason you need to know and understand Psychological Safety is that study after study has demonstrated that it is the highest predictor of team performance.

Google conducted a 2 year study in which they analyzed over different factors to understand what created successful teams and they found psychological safety to be the number one pr In this interview from season one, I talk with my buddy Pat Divilly who is a top notch personal development speaker and author in Ireland. Some great nuggets here definitely worth a listen!!!

In this episode, Kate shares the three practices she has that help keep her in touch with her inner voice. In episode 1 we have Melissa Cobb, head of Original Animation, and Mike Moon, head of Adult Animation, discuss what it is like to be a creative executive and their experiences working at Netflix. Gobble Gobble! In this pod, we identify the things that make us most thankful at work.

source url Taking a moment to identify what you appreciate is a great exercise to boost your sense of well-being -- listen in and take a moment for gratitude! Patrick Bet-David makes his first appearance on the show today to talk about shifting your lens and your language, and reminds us of the important of getting crystal clear on what we want in order to make our goals and dreams a reality.

Inspired by true events, the film is a fascinating tale of an unprecedented transfer of power in the Catholic Church.

You Healthy and Happy, Dr. Ros Tips For Living an Inspired Life
You Healthy and Happy, Dr. Ros Tips For Living an Inspired Life
You Healthy and Happy, Dr. Ros Tips For Living an Inspired Life
You Healthy and Happy, Dr. Ros Tips For Living an Inspired Life
You Healthy and Happy, Dr. Ros Tips For Living an Inspired Life

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