Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)

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Reviews of Dawn of Wonder

Peace On Your Wings is more than a musical theater play. It is part of a continual movement to educate children and adults alike about the important global message of peace. It is a way to get people to connect with an under recognized piece of history more than any textbook could convey. Music has been utilized for centuries as the most visceral way to personally connect people with current events and past atrocities so that history will not repeat itself.

Other audience members were victims of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki themselves, and were moved deeply by our cast of children, saying that they truly paid homage to Sadako and others like her who suffered the after effects. Many audience members were children, and we were told by their parents that the musical both entertained and moved them.

Professional theater by youth for all generations. The priest nodded.

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He began taking out objects: a hammer, old books, the stiff skin of some small black-haired animal, a verdigrised censer, boxes of candles. Finally, from a second armload of books, he drew forth a volume the size of his torso. Setting it upright on the floor, he used the black hide to smack it free of dust. He brought the book over to Zacharias and opened it across their laps. When he found what he was looking for, he turned the book sideways, supporting the far flap with a palm. It was a two-page etching of angels and their hierarchies. The top of the triangle was blank, and wavy gold lines radiated downward from it.

Beneath that were ranked beings. The etching was hand tinted, the wings of the angels gilded. Alongside some of their mouths were scrolls and ribbons with words in the archaic tongue. The angels were dressed in robes of white or purple or many colors. Some resembled strange beasts, with myriad eyes and wings.

Some were tall and stern. They had long, dark eyes and clear skin and their wings tangled and overlapped on the page. Some held orbs or eyes or flames.

One carried his own head in cupped hands, and the blood ran through his fingers. Beside some stood lions or bulls, also winged.

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Toward the bottom of the page were beings like the one who lay broken in his apartment. How many images of angels had he seen in his life? They occupied a certain drawer in his mind, he realized. And what else lay in that drawer? But now, as he looked at the gilded illustrations, the living, battered body of the girl on his mattress was in his mind, the live gold wings. The texture of her feathers lingered on his fingertips.

Abuna Aghoghrial delineated the hierarchies, drawing a shaking mauve fingernail down the rows of wings. And within those are further subdivisions. Aghoghrial passed a palm across the lower ranks.

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Israfel, who will sound the trumpet on the Day of Reckoning. They come rarely, and only in great need. They can manifest as fire or as storm. One angel had black wings, and a thin black box tethered him to the edge of the page. Zacharias pointed. The priest folded his hands in an attitude of prayer and held them out before the lightbulb.

Flannery O’Connor’s Revelatory Honesty

To you it sounds simple. But it is not simple. There is great power.

Sometimes you become the channel for the powers. You stand between the worlds, and the powers move through you. The priest jerked his head toward Zacharias. The priest glanced back toward the sanctuary. But I have seen the door. The door to the dark.

If I Rise on the Wings of the Dawn (Psalm 139)

When he got back to the apartment she was awake. Her eyes were the gold of her wings, the irises rimmed with a narrow line of darker color. He sank to his knees beside the bed. She watched him, her slight breasts rising and falling. He nodded. We—I—we found you. Your bones, your wing.

A doctor came. She watched him. She nodded, a fractional movement of her head. He fetched a glass of water. Kneeling beside her, he slipped a hand within the matted, dusky tangle of her hair and lifted her head slightly.

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On Eagle's Wings

Once again he was struck by how light she was. He held the glass to her mouth and tipped the water to her lips. After a minute she swallowed. Water ran into the hollow at the base of her throat, pooling like a jewel. She swallowed again, then turned aside, and he laid her head on the pillow. She closed her eyes. She woke later in the afternoon and drank some more. She shifted her shoulders, gasping.

What is the sun of righteousness (Malachi )?

In those two words, he heard the exoticism in her voice. He craved it. He arranged the pillows against the headboard and carefully, one hand under her knees and the other cradling her head, slid her up the bed so she was propped half-sitting. A filament of blood slid from the stitches on her side. This time she could hold it and drink. Then she lay looking at him. Her blinks were like a hand before a candle. George Zacharias, literary and detective agent.

Stolen Child

Get back to where you came from. Whatever you need. Humble abode. Could you. We need some sort of contact. Telephone number, address. Even just a name. Someone who might know you. Except in books, of course. The other side.

Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1) Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)
Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1) Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)
Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1) Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)
Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1) Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)
Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1) Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)
Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1) Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)
Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1) Wings of the Dawn (Beneath His Wings Book 1)

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