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The silent killer weighs you down. Buy a shower speaker. This goes without saying, but a proper shower speaker needs to be fully waterproof.

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Not sure why you'd ever want to do that on purpose, except perhaps to test out underwater acoustics, but it's an extra layer of insurance if you're a bath-taker and one of these is playing music nearby. The Clip 3 is double the price, with better audio to show for it. It also lasts twice as long on a charge. Pick wisely.

JBL’s Wireless Speakers Will—Not to Exaggerate—Revolutionize Your Shower Time

Still not ready to pick wisely? One final benefit of the Clip 3 is that it comes with a carabiner clip hence the name , which you can use to hang it off the shower rod, curtain, or even the shower head. Both wireless speakers come in multiple colors, so feel free to match your bathroom decor. Unfortunately, neither has the ability to skip songs, so cue your power ballads accordingly.

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Showers are so much more relaxing with stress-free music. The Wireless Speakers Perfect for the Shower. Type keyword s to search. Allie Holloway. The Perseids have been rising to their peak all month, and some Delta Aquariids are still flying, too. Yead Muhammad in Bangladesh caught this bright meteor on August 2, The annual Perseid meteor shower is one of the most beloved meteor showers of the year, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, where the shower peaks on warm summer nights.

No matter where you live worldwide, the Perseid meteor shower will probably produce the greatest number of meteors on the mornings of August 11, 12 and Unfortunately, on the peak mornings in , a bright moon will drown many Perseids from view.

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For those serious about seeing the greatest number of Perseids in , we recommend viewing several mornings in a row, beginning the weekend of Friday, August 9, to Sunday, August Visit the Sunrise Sunset Calendars site to find out when the moon sets in your sky, remembering to check the moonrise and moonset box. But meteors in annual showers — which come from streams of debris left behind in space by comets — typically last weeks, not days.

Perseid meteors have been streaking across our skies since around July Also remember, the the Delta Aquariid meteor shower is still rambling along steadily. In the Northern Hemisphere, we rank the August Perseids as an all-time favorite meteor shower of every year. For us, this major shower takes place during the lazy, hazy days of summer, when many families are on vacation.

And what could be more luxurious than taking a siesta in the heat of the day and watching this summertime classic in the relative coolness of night? In a typical year, although the meteor numbers increase after midnight, the Perseid meteors still start to fly at mid-to-late evening from northerly latitudes.

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  • You have two options for price and audio quality. Neither is bad..

South of the equator, the Perseids start to streak the sky around midnight. If fortune smiles upon you, the evening hours might offer you an earthgrazer — a looooong, slow, colorful meteor traveling horizontally across the evening sky.

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Earthgrazer meteors are rare but memorable. Perseid earthgrazers appear before midnight, when the radiant point of the shower is close to the horizon. The radiant point for the Perseid meteor shower is in the constellation Perseus. Instead, the meteors will be flying in all parts of the sky.


What is the radiant point for the Perseid meteor shower? If you trace all the Perseid meteors backward, they all seem to come from the constellation Perseus, near the famous Double Cluster. Hence, the meteor shower is named in the honor of the constellation Perseus the Hero. However, this is a chance alignment of the meteor shower radiant with the constellation Perseus. If any meteor survives its fiery plunge to hit the ground intact, the remaining portion is called a meteorite. Few — if any — meteors in meteor showers become meteorites, however, because of the flimsy nature of comet debris.

Most meteorites are the remains of asteroids. From mid-northern latitudes, the constellation Perseus, the stars Capella and Aldebaran, and the Pleiades cluster light up the northeast sky in the wee hours after midnight on August nights. The meteors radiate from Perseus. Photo: Till Credner, AlltheSky. The constellation Cassiopeia points out the famous Double Cluster in the northern tip of the constellation Perseus.

Plus, the Double Cluster nearly marks the radiant of the Perseid meteor shower.

Photo by Flickr user madmiked. General rules for Perseid-watching. No special equipment, or knowledge of the constellations, needed. Find a dark , open sky to enjoy the show.

Shower Time Shower Time
Shower Time Shower Time
Shower Time Shower Time
Shower Time Shower Time
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