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Smiley offers an authentic and moving perspective on the hardships and confusion of being raised by and loving someone who suffers from a serious mental illness.

With a background in cognitive neuroscience and trauma studies her matter-of-fact perspective and understanding of the healthcare system make for a compelling presentation and discussions. The unspoken addendum to Out of the Shadow is about the survival of the children and the effects of childhood trauma. How do kids cope with having unfit parents?

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What is developmental trauma and complex trauma? Susan speaks firsthand about the neurodevelopmental consequences of growing up at-risk and her hopeful perspective for recovery. Out of the Shadow is a grassroots documentary film by Susan Smiley concerning her mother, Mildred Smiley.

Mildred Smiley is a middle-aged woman who has battled schizophrenia for over twenty years. The documentary chronicles her journey from psychiatric wards , nursing and group homes in Illinois , United States.

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Out of the Shadow is composed of interview footage interspersed with home movies and photographs. The film has been positively reviewed by mental health journals such as Clinical Psychiatry News and the Journal of Medical Humanities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The New York Times. Retrieved

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Out of the Shadow Out of the Shadow
Out of the Shadow Out of the Shadow
Out of the Shadow Out of the Shadow
Out of the Shadow Out of the Shadow
Out of the Shadow Out of the Shadow
Out of the Shadow Out of the Shadow
Out of the Shadow Out of the Shadow

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