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Last summer, I did something that I had never taken the time to do before.

I read the Nicene Creed in Greek. Of course I was very familiar with the English version of the Creed before then, but not so much the Greek. I could multiply examples here, but I will just offer a sampling:.

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Carson , Exegetical Fallacies , p. As I said, I could go on with a list of examples as long as my arm. To be clear, this does not mean that they are rejecting the doctrine of eternal generation per se.

Don Stewart :: Why Was Jesus Called the Only Begotten Son?

It means that they are rejecting a scriptural basis for it that is cited in the Creed. The question is why has this dismissal become so commonplace?

Many of the authors listed above cite the same source for their arguments—a single journal article that appeared in in the Journal of Biblical Literature :. This hymn is sung at the Divine Liturgy before the Little Entrance after the second Antiphon from that time to the present day. The hymn is very theological, composed in honor of the incarnate Jesus Christ.

Topical Bible: Only-begotten

The hymn also served to clearly respond to multiple heresies that plagued the Church such as the meaning of the incarnation , changelessness of God , resurrection , Trinitarian theology. It sets forth the Orthodox teaching on the Second Person of the Trinity. He being the Only-begotten one in essence Son and Word of God, being immortal, became man, without ceasing to be God, and accepted a human body from the Holy Theotokos and ever virgin Mary.

What does it mean that Jesus is God's only begotten son?

By his crucifixion, he with his death conquered death, "trampling down death by death," as one of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity, and is glorified equally with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The hymn praises the true God as he revealed himself to be, and as he has offered salvation to mankind. Please consider supporting OrthodoxWiki. From OrthodoxWiki.

Only Begotten
Only Begotten
Only Begotten
Only Begotten
Only Begotten
Only Begotten

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