Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)

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An Informed Faith

Scott Melby went home to be with the Lord after putting joyful perseverance on display. Her daughter Ginny Melby is here. Thanks for coming down to the studio today to talk with us. Karen: Thank you, Nancy. I got an email about a week or so ago, Ginny, from your dad, that he sent to a group of friends. He told about how you and two of your buddies from Maranatha Conference Center—where you and many other families spend meaningful vacations in the summer you guys have a cottage there —and your friends Craig and Trent Masselink have a cottage there. It told how the three of you were getting ready to stand-up paddleboard across Lake Michigan.

Now, for our listeners who, like me, may not be into paddleboarding or understand Lake Michigan, just tell us what stand-up paddleboarding is. You stand on top of it, and you have a long paddle with the paddle just on one end. So, you grew up in the water and really comfortable with doing things like paddleboarding. Ginny: Yes, we live right on the beach, and all of us kids have just grown up together. About five years ago we brought some paddleboards over to the lake and started using them and sharing them with our friends.

Nicole Kidman shares rare photo of daughters

Ginny: Right, that is a whole different story. Ginny: Eighty miles. So we just decided to go for it. Nancy: The idea was sparked because you just like doing adventurous things, but also. Karen, you and Scott went to a conference not too long ago in Austin sposored by Generous Giving.

I remember when you were there. One of the keynote speakers at the Generous Giving conference was a man named Bob Goff. I had never heard of him before, but Bob gave an incredible message. We took it home. Scott read the book and handed it to Ginny, as he often will do with our children for summer reading.

Nancy: Love Does.

O Woman, Great Is Your Faith!

So while Scott was gone, Ginny was reading this book. Nancy: Ginny, what is the gist of the book? He tells stories of ways he has decided to ambitiously and creatively love others. He gets these crazy ideas and does them. He says in the book that love in the brain does nothing.

Judge Faith - Not My Mother's Keeper (Season 2: Full Episode #32)

Love in theory does nothing. So I read the book and then came to Maranatha. Craig was there. I gave him the book, and he gave me one—we just swapped summer reading. The book struck something in his heart, too.

Faith & Family – Mother/Daughter Faith-Booking and Tea Party

We just used what we had and what we loved to do already, which is paddleboarding, and that was our way of creatively loving others. Nancy: Now, how was paddleboarding across Lake Michigan going to express love? He founded this ministry as a way to get children in Uganda out of slavery and trafficking. It will add up, and then we can give the money to Restore International. Karen: chuckles To be quite honest, I was very skeptical. Ginny and I actually went through a very difficult time relationally because I was fearful of this crossing.

I grew up on the water as well. Just that week, two strong men had died in Lake Michigan. Karen: Not unusual at all. So as much faith as I had in Ginny in being organized and very thorough in her planning. Karen: Craig is a trained missionary pilot. Even so, I had a healthy fear of the Lake.

It took me a long time. They gave me some ideas. I volunteered to purchase the spot tracker, which Craig suggested. Nancy: Which was a way of following their progress online. Karen: That way I would always know where they were at every point during the night.

Blessed Feast Day

Nancy: Not that that would do a whole lot of good when you were sitting on the shore. Karen: Little did I know that that spot tracker would trigger a lot of interest in many, many people. Nancy: I was sure following it! Nancy: And you had to be happy that she was wanting to make a difference. Karen: Absolutely. Nancy: But maybe do it a different way?

I was just fearful of the journey, I think. I did truly trust the Lord with them, but it truly was a test for me to let go. But this was another test. Nancy: Ginny, was it hard for you to understand why this would be hard for your mom? Ginny: Yeah, it was hard. I was stuck between trying to honor my mom by letting this idea go, and also knowing that it was something we needed to do. It was something we felt was right, and the Lord kept opening doors for us. We began emailing people and trying to make contacts. We visited the Coast Guard while we were toying with the idea, just seeing if this could actually be a possibility.

It was a leap of faith we needed to take in order to love others well. We kept gently pushing forward with it and praying that our parents would feel okay with it. Karen: I mentioned that my husband, Scott, was in Africa at the time. Nancy: And what were his texts from Ginny saying? Ginny: What was I saying? Talk to Mom! Nancy: So how long did you prepare for this trip? How did you prepare for it? We started getting things rolling. Nancy: And then you enlisted his younger brother? Ginny: Then Trent came up to Maranatha, and then the three of us started visiting people and practicing altogether and taking photos. Like many celebrity moms, becoming a mother to three beautiful daughters quickly changed Hill's priorities on fame, fortune and Hollywood. It's kind of like my side gig now! If you needed further proof that Maggie inherited her mom's looks, look no further than this side-by-side comparison of Maggie headed off to college and Faith when she was just 10 years old ; just glancing at the two of them together, it can be hard to determine who is actually whom.

Of course, considering her mother grew up to be one of the world's most beautiful people, this is definitely a problem we all wish we had. Although Maggie may not follow in the career footsteps of her parents, she could if she wanted to. Much like her mom and dad, Maggie was blessed with a beautiful voice and she's braved big crowds to join her dad on stage. Several years ago, their middle daughter sang a duet of "Last Dollar Fly Away " with McGraw in front of a massive crowd, just like a pro.

The audience loved her and her performance. So, if marine biology doesn't work out, she'll have a pretty nice backup option in her pocket. Maggie has always resembled her mom; but now that she's a young woman, she could actually pass for Hill's twin.

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She has a little bit of McGraw in her too, but let's be honest, she's got a whole lot of Hill. Maggie's inherited her mom's long legs , luscious locks , sweet smile and even her incredible skin! Regardless of who she looks like as she gets older, she's bound to always be beautiful with that family tree. Now that Maggie is 18 and a high school grad, she's officially off to college.

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The country singers haven't revealed where their daughter will be studying; but McGraw did tell Country Countdown USA that Maggie would be cracking the books for a degree in marine biology. The road to college was a bittersweet one; but Hill and her daughter made it fun with an epic mother-daughter road trip, complete with Taylor Swift sing-a-longs and delicious dinners. The ending was a little difficult, though.

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Hill tweeted a crying emoji with the news that she'd officially dropped Maggie off. Maggie's parents are two of country's biggest names, and with that, comes with some awesome perks. She looked stunning in black next to McGraw, who matched his daughter in black from head to toe. He couldn't help but be a doting dad, of course, tweeting a car selfie of the two before the show. Having his daughter as his date may have also brought him good, too: he took home the Video of the Year award for "Humble and Kind" that same night.

Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)

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