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Judy was pregnant with his child. Asher was instructed by Strickling to continually bad-mouth him to Judy, and to keep his letters from her.


Judy aborted his child paid for by MGM, of course , and never spoke to Power again. She and Asher then renewed their intimacy. Over the years Judy Garland had sexual liaisons with dozens of MGM employees of both sexes, mostly for sport. She even seduced her homosexual friends, including one man simply because he was known to be ultra-faithful to his wife.

Her affair with Joseph Mankiewicz cost him his job when he refused to break off their attachment. She slept with Orson Welles while he was married to Rita Hayworth. Johns vowed that Garland and Asher gave lesbian exhibitions in private for an un-named MGM executive. Minnelli was sleeping with his live-in Japanese valet when he and Judy decided to get married in Believe it or not, Betty Asher was Maid of Honor at the ceremony.

In a daughter, Liza, was born. She began as a plump 12 year-old, but by the age of 28 she was a spent force.

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She had psychological problems, huge ones, and she was suicidal. Three days after being fired by MGM in she slashed her throat with a piece of broken bathroom mirror. She did not die, but it was already her seventh attempt to end her life. Sadly, they were all too focused on how much money she could make for them. No wonder Judy became estranged from Ethel for the remainder of her life.

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Judy and Minnelli divorced in By February she was pregnant to Sid Luft who, in June that year, became her third husband. Over the next 12 months she was involved with both James Mason and Frank Sinatra. Somehow, her marriage to Luft lasted 13 years and produced two children, but it was seldom a happy union. She slept around while he gambled her millions away. By Judy was single again, but by November she was again a bride, this time to Mark Herron, but they separated five months later. Most people said it was because of his homosexuality, but Judy was bisexual anyway, so that does not really make a lot of sense.

In January their divorce became final, and two months later Judy wed her fifth and last husband. Just three months after the wedding she was dead. In her London apartment, Judy Garland overdosed on barbiturates, possibly accidentally. She was 47, and yet another victim of the Hollywood system. Because the real damage was done while she was a vulnerable and impressionable little girl. The claims of Judy doing this and that, are allover the place as in so many different version.

The more we can cross-reference, the closer we should be able to ascertain the truth. We still must sift the fact from the fiction, but at least these days we have a choice. I appreciate your comments. Thank you. The only way to get facts is if they are given by the people that actually knew her and any statement they make, they would be willing to say yes to what they said but even then, all those years ago as memory does not last that long and that accurate.

Many people talk a lot of crap about other people because that is just the nature of people.

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Males talk about females as in what they want to happen rather then what actually happened. We will never know what really happened because people see things as they want to see them. Unfortunately, that is pretty much the nature of history. We get handed down a few scraps of information from one or two sources, probably unreliable, and from that we attempt as historians to put together an overall picture of what MAY have happened.

Today, at least, with everybody and his dog publishing their memoirs we have much more to draw on than ever before. Whether or not that is a good thing, however, is debatable. I think in the future it will become a type of religion about her that people will be arguing about what happened, if not already happening.

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Anyone with a history degree had to write scores of fully referenced essays to get it, In my case I also marked thousands of essays when I was a tutor with both Murdoch University and with the Open University of Australia. Full referencing is a requirement of writing in academia, of course, but not elsewhere. My website and my books are not referenced.

I make nothing out of it, yet occasionally I get really nasty responses because I have not cluttered up my comments with references. My books are not referenced either, but each one contains an extensive bibliography of hundreds of sources. I suppose the bottom line is that I check and cross-check everything I write, so it is as accurate as I can make it, but it is STILL just my assessment of the research I have done. Mistakes can be made of course, but that can happen by referencing a dodgy source too.

I just suggested the critic should find a site that sanitized the man — his fan club sites, perhaps. There are bound to be some. It is refreshing to receive comments such as yours that are level-headed and objective, Ann. I appreciate it. As for Judy Garland, I have been a fan all my life, but her friends too have painted a picture of her that is nothing like the squeaky clean studio biographies that were churned out for decades.

We tend to forget that extremely famous, talented icons are human beings just like the rest of us. Nobody is perfect, least of all someone subjected to the horrendous treatment she endured for most of her life.

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Many so-called fans know little about Judy, and get defensive when confronted with truths. Some of it can be attributed to her drug addiction and, to a lesser degree, alcoholism. But the greater part of it, I believe, can be found in something on youtube. Joe was there.

It went to her head. She thought, maybe rightfully, that she could do anything, get away with anything, that no rule applied to her. Eventually, she came to believe that she was indestructible. And so she was doomed. And with that, I will say goodbye, thanks for a very good website. Thank you for your most informative comments. I certainly do not consider you are hogging the board. On the contrary. Please, feel free to look in and comment whenever you wish.

You obviously know your stuff. I think I discovered that after I had written the piece. Judy snatched David Rose from Martha Raye. Stars just think differently. Ingrid should have given Loretta Young a call. She knew how to cover up a pregnancy AND a child. On top of that, the Fall of the Studio System had started, and without Loews to help tide them over when a movie flopped, MGM's finances got rockier and rockier. Before Loews spun off MGM, their management had insisted that the studio hire a "new Thalberg" to stem the tide of cost overruns; their choice, Dore Schary, ended up going head-to-head with Mayer on just about everything, particularly choices in which films to make Schary wanted to make Darker and Edgier movies with more serious plots, whereas Mayer was content with sticking to films in The Musical and family genres.

Eventually, Mayer got fed up and left in The new management still didn't help, and Schary was released from his contract after Raintree County , a big-budget American Civil War period piece, flopped.

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Not long after this, Loews spun the company off and closed most of the theaters, leaving it open to takeover attempts from investors. As something of a bookend to this era the last of MGM's classic musicals, Gigi , was released in , one year after the animation department was closed down with most of its talent going to form Hanna-Barbera.

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It made fewer pictures per year, and the ones it did make had to be huge hits because the company's future ended up depending on a hit. Huge, lavish productions were back in vogue, with MGM betting that big movies would be better suited to draw people away from their TV sets and into theaters. When it worked, it worked well such as with the version of Ben-Hur , but flops were bound to happen the remake of Mutiny on the Bounty was one of the biggest , and each one just added to MGM's already huge debts.

Many of their once-reliable stable of actors had been let out of their contracts, due to the money problems. The studios themselves were in declining shape.

MGM Makes Boys Town MGM Makes Boys Town
MGM Makes Boys Town MGM Makes Boys Town
MGM Makes Boys Town MGM Makes Boys Town
MGM Makes Boys Town MGM Makes Boys Town
MGM Makes Boys Town MGM Makes Boys Town
MGM Makes Boys Town MGM Makes Boys Town
MGM Makes Boys Town MGM Makes Boys Town

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