Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)

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Recordacoes da Mediunidade (Portuguese Edition)

To identify the sociodemographic profile and anomalous experiences AE among people who sought help in spiritualist groups. Semi-structured interviews investigated sociodemographic data, AEs reported and presence of criteria that have been proposed to identify non-pathological spiritual experiences. Most of the sample reported that these AEs were not related to socio-occupational impairments, were short, episodic, and beneficial; however, reported emotional distress and lack of control over the experiences.

The high frequency and diversity of AEs reported, as well as their theoretical, clinical, and public health implications point to the urgency need of more attention to this topic. Differences between spiritist mediumship and dissociative identity disorder on structured interview more.

To study for similarities and differences between spiritistic mediums and Dissociative Identity Disorder DID patients based on a structured interview. Twenty four mediums, selected among different spiritist Twenty four mediums, selected among different spiritist organizations in Sao Paulo, Brazil were interviewed by using the Dissociative Disorder Interview Schedule, and the results were compared with DID symptoms described in the literature.

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Oi Carlos, sou eu de novo. Manuel Cardoso de Saldanha. Feito, criada a categoria Categoria: Eu tenho algumas perguntas, contudo: Contudo, o visconde colocou "de Barros" nos nomes de suas filhas. De qualquer forma, fico muito agradecido se puder me ajudar. Estou a fazer um trabalho sobre as casamatas do Pico Alto e Serra do Cume. Gostaria d saber mais detalhes sobre estes edificios.

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Criei um novo Anexo: O senhor deve verificar. Adicionei a seguinte frase, agora em negrito: Adicionei o seguinte em negrito: Vendo o que vem a acontecer. Veja " Antes de quebrar a R3R " para saber o que fazer. Foi bloqueado por Jbribeiro1 durante 1 dia. Enfim, tinha que dsesabafar. Grande que estejas de volta. Cia ferro carril jd botanico 1. Por favor, apenas tenha em mente:.

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Considerei sobre suas palavras. Gostaria de ver o Quevedo falar, daqui uns 50 anos: Depois de tanto tempo sem editar regularmente, me esqueci de que tenho de fazer esses comunicados aos que editaram no artigo. Ontem falei de ti, ao usar uma moleskine numa entrevista Fabiano msg 22h38min de 12 de fevereiro de UTC. Obrigado, bom trabalho novamente! Oi amigo tudo bem? A robust assessment of model s capacity to generate predictions was made by validating the independent testing set.

A k-fold cross-validation was used to test the predictive accuracy of the model, using permutations.

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The output of the cross-validation was the correlation between the observed and predicted compositional dissimilarities, for the testing set of sites Fig. A principal components analysis PCA was made on the dissimilarities between classes to reduce dimensionality and assign the first three components to an RGB colour palette red, green and blue. This way, similar colours represent a similar avifauna composition. The output was a raster image composed of three single rasters representing the three ordination axes.

The relative importance of each predictor variable was determined by summing the coefficients of the I-splines from the fitted generalized dissimilarity model Table S The response curves were used to evaluate the response of predicted compositional dissimilarity to each predictor variable Fig. Generalized dissimilarity model categorization An unsupervised classification method was applied to the continuous GDM, using modified k- means classification in the Whitebox Geospatial Analysis Tools v Image Classification menu Lindsay ; Fuss et al. The algorithm was limited to Euclidian distances smaller than 75, a value that ensured the creation of robust composition categories.

The initial cluster centres were generated randomly. Total and endemic species richness were calculated for each GDM class. Total and endemic average species richness were calculated for each quadrat. Both median and quartiles were plotted in a single scatterplot to explore the relation between endemic species proportion and detection rate Part V, Section VIII.

Some of the poorest areas were also found inside the park, coinciding with higher altitudes and steeper slopes Fig. Endemic species richness pattern was clear: Non-endemic species followed the opposite pattern: In the south-east of the island, an area can be identified in all three predictive maps, characterized by a smaller number of species than surrounding areas, and it corresponds to a large oil palm plantation.

In the total species richness model, none of the environmental variables was statistically significant and relative variable importance RVI was always smaller than To model endemic species richness, land use was the most important variable.

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On the other hand, several environmental variables were significant and important to the distribution of non-endemic species richness. The most important variable was rainfall, followed by altitude and land use.

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Endemic species responded negatively to more intensive land uses, but positively to forested habitats, like native and secondary forests. Whereas non-endemic species had an opposite response and therefore a strong connection to non-forested habitats and humanized landscapes Table S The GDM allowed explaining The most important environmental predictor was land use, followed by rainfall and altitude Table S A larger rate of species turnover was found for high values of land use, meaning that the biggest changes in bird community composition occurred in humanized habitats, like shade plantations and non-forested areas.

In forested habitats, the species composition was similar Fig. Smaller values were associated to bigger species composition turnover rates for slope, altitude, rainfall and TPI. Class 1 corresponds to the large oil palm monoculture, class 2 to the open areas surrounded by agro-forest habitats in slightly wetter regions, class 3 to the most humanized habitats in the driest parts of the island, class 4 to mixed of forested habitats like shade plantations and secondary forest in the north-east and class 5 to secondary and native forests in the centre and south The first class to be separated was class 1, suggesting the existence of a very distinctive bird species assemblage in the oil palm plantation, previously identified in all species richness maps Fig.

Subsequently, there was also an obvious separation between bird assemblages that inhabit more forested habitats classes 5 and 4 and those living in non-forested areas classes 2 and 3.


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Of the random points generated to assess the number of species, both total, endemic and nonendemic, were located in the park. The predicted number of species was similar inside and outside Figure 2. The boxplots represent the median thick line , the first and third quartiles box , the extremes whiskers and the outliers dots. Even so, a bigger range of values was found inside the park Fig. There were no major differences in average species richness between all five GDM classes Table 2.

However, there were several differences in average endemic species richness: There were also differences in terms of total number of species and total number of endemic species. Classes 1 and 2 had identical values, namely the lowest total number of species 20 and an intermediate total number of endemics Class 3 had an intermediate total number of species 23 , but the lowest total number of endemics 8. Classes 4 and 5 had the highest total number of species 28 , but class 5 had a higher total number of endemics 19 against Species richness and endemic species richness calculated for each GDM class 1 to 5.

Proportion of endemic species and frequency of endemic species for each GDM class 1 to 5. The bars represent the first and third quartiles of the median values estimated for each quadrat. We found that the STONP did not protect necessarily the richest assemblages, but did protect those that were richest in endemic species. The highest values of species richness were found in the centre-south of the island, inside native forest, and were almost entirely included in the STONP.

Right next to them, two large speciespoor areas can be identified, also mostly included inside the park: This result coincides with previous findings, indicating that endemic species are associated with forest-dominated habitats and avoid humanized landscapes de Lima et al. The highest values of endemic species richness also tended to occur further away from the coast line. Secondary forests are found mostly around native forests, both inside the STONP and in the buffer zone.

Although they shelter less endemic species than native forests, they seem to be acting as a transition zone to more humanized areas Atkinson et al. The greatest number of non-endemic species was found in the more humanized habitats near the coast in the north-east of the island Fig. O senhor deve verificar. Adicionei a seguinte frase, agora em negrito: Adicionei o seguinte em negrito: Vendo o que vem a acontecer.

Veja " Antes de quebrar a R3R " para saber o que fazer. Foi bloqueado por Jbribeiro1 durante 1 dia. Enfim, tinha que dsesabafar.

Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)
Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)
Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)
Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)
Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)
Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)
Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)
Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition) Diretrizes Espíritas (Portuguese Edition)

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