Constitutional Law For Dummies

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An Introduction

This book is written primarily for third level students who are covering Irish Constitutional Law as part of their law degree or related studies. Designed and written as an introductory text to the key principles of Irish constitutional law this book covers all the basic aspects of constitutional law, including the following:.

Constitutional Law in Ireland is an excellent introduction to this key area of undergraduate study, and can also be used as an ongoing revision and reference source to provide extra support to students throughout their studies.

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Her primary research areas are Constitutional Law and Electoral Law. Constitutional law is a core subject for every undergraduate law programme in Ireland, therefore this is essential reading for all undergraduates.

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EU Constitutional Law

The book will be useful to students of EU law and European integration but will also appeal to a broader audience of researchers and practitioners, including political scientists. What Constitution? A Rose by Any Other Name 2. Who Is the Boss?

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In Search of a Master of the Treaties 5. A Suprematist Composition?

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Differentiation and Flexibility 9. What Deficit? The EU System of Democracy Taking Rights More Seriously? Broadening Horizons?

The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Building a House by Starting with the Roof? Economic and Monetary Policy Issues of Enforcement and Control The Elephant in the Room?

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Constitutional Law For Dummies
Constitutional Law For Dummies
Constitutional Law For Dummies
Constitutional Law For Dummies
Constitutional Law For Dummies
Constitutional Law For Dummies
Constitutional Law For Dummies

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