Basics of Environmental Science

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Book Details Knowledge about the environment is key to its protection and improvement.

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Thank you for your feedback. To understand current environmental problems, we need to consider physical, biological and chemical processes that are often the basis of those problems. This course will give you the skills necessary to address the environmental issues we are facing today by examining scientific principles and the application of those principles to natural systems.

This course will survey some of the many environmental science topics at an introductory level, ultimately considering the sustainability of human activities on the planet. Environmental impacts on Earth come from the number of people and the amount and types of resources that they use.

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By applying scientific principles and considering real-world examples, we will examine:. Education method The course will utilize video lectures, interviews with experts, readings, discussions, multiple choice and prompted discussions and one graded quiz per week. There will also be several optional live office hours on Google Hangouts.

Completion of self-assessments, contributions to discussion and quiz scores will determine the final grade. Receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution's logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.

Basics of Environmental Science (second edition)

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Basics of Environmental Science
Basics of Environmental Science
Basics of Environmental Science
Basics of Environmental Science
Basics of Environmental Science
Basics of Environmental Science

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