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Highs in the low 40s

They sat and chatted to the only neighbour who ever called in, attracted by the new car. More tea all round. The sun slowly travelled across the window.

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The cats were out, hunting or sunbathing, or both. At 7p.

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We are going off to eat! I felt lonely as I took them out to the kitchen.

Someone had not flushed the toilet. The next morning I was woken at 7a. I lay in bed swearing. Wild strategies of fetching the radio upstairs and switching it on full blast tomorrow at 6. But I could not sink that low. Of course, he must be used to rising early for work. But now he would be just laying in bed for the extra unused time.

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He eventually went downstairs and had a bath while she cooked a gigantic breakfast. Bacon fumes rose upstairs, and now there were loud TV sounds. I tried to stay out of the way until 9a. Perhaps a bath would restore some serenity. I collected my towel and soap. The bath was grimy, festooned with fresh scum, pubic hairs and broken-off bits of toenail. Wanting to scream and run out of the house, I forced myself to clean it out completely and run the fresh water.

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About noon they came back from a drive to the far-off village and she made a salad. Shreds of greenery littered every kitchen surface, strange vegetables got chopchopchopped by Irene. Jim sat and read the paper.

Bits fell to the floor, ignored by the cats. There was no-where else for me to go, except to sit up in the bedroom, as I was obviously not included in the salad, nor was there any space at all at the table for me to sit. I could see them through the window as I went off to the greenhouse to get some button tomatoes. The cats both appeared from a bank of marguerites.


Chimborazo on a Sunday Afternoon

Shrews lived inside the greenhouse. By now I felt totally cornered and in the way. Someone had again not flushed the toilet. That evening they went out again, as expected.

Highs in the low 40s

On Wednesday they le ft. I stayed in bed reading for as long as possible, then disappeared off the mile or so up to the village shop for cereal and milk.

Just you average Sunday afternoon traffic in Baton Rouge

They had gone by the time I came back. A large pizza box blocked the fridge door. I opened it — there was a slice, as thin as a finger, left inside. Daylight Saving Time comes to an end tonight. Remember to fall back one hour by turning your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night.

It will be colder with scattered flurries overnight and temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. After catching up on one hour of sleep, Sunday will become partly sunny. Scattered sprinkles and light showers are possible Monday night and Tuesday.

Average Sunday Afternoon Average Sunday Afternoon
Average Sunday Afternoon Average Sunday Afternoon
Average Sunday Afternoon Average Sunday Afternoon
Average Sunday Afternoon Average Sunday Afternoon
Average Sunday Afternoon Average Sunday Afternoon

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